Chapter 1: Jaimie

Thick hands drove her body into the floor. The electric shocks that drove up through her spine left her unable and unwilling to move. She had never felt pain like this before.

“Up,” he commanded. His voice was thick and gravelly. She could smell the alcohol from the night before seeping through his skin and breath. It permeated her nostrils and eyes making his hold on her even more difficult to break.

Today she was being tested on her ability to throw a 200+lb man off her after being pinned. It required more cunning than strength; she had to be willing to fight dirty. She knew that this training was her decision and she could change her mind at any point. But that wasn’t an option, leaving was worse than any pain he could inflict.

She relaxed her muscles and pressed her body into his softly. This tactic wouldn’t work on many other men but they wouldn’t dock her for using whatever tactic she felt like. Just as long as she had a tactic.

Luca was a 6’3” 250 lb man made of solid muscle. His face reminded her of the dogs she had to fight as a child while she looked for food in the alley trash cans. It was long and thin, the skin was drawn near the eyes. For a 30 year old man he looked as if he were 50.

His mouth was a straight line that never twisted, even when he smiled. His teeth had grown in long and skinny and looked like a mix of sharp vampiric teeth and rats teeth. His eyes were a bright green, not uncommon at this day and age anymore. Overall his appearance was terrifying, and it did nothing to help the fear you felt knowing you would be fighting him.

He had one contrasting characteristic, his dimples. Even with a drastic change in body composition he held enough fat in his cheeks to dimple when he spoke. It captivated people who were so terrified.

Lucas had always loved her, she knew this, the whole squad knew this. He also knew that he should never seek anything else with her, not for fear of rejection, but for fear of death that is guaranteed with any true sign of connection to someone.

He was her teacher and she knew him well. Hated him. But knew him well.

He felt her relax and press into him, and the physical response was immediate. He usually had no problem controlling this feeling and moving on. He knew what she was doing and gripped her arms tighter, folding her into the deep embrace that she had conceded him.
She felt him harden and then grip her tighter. This was what she wanted. He angled her close enough to his face at this point that she could cause serious damage with minimal movement and he would be unable to escape without releasing her. She swung her head back and felt his nose collapse against the back of her head.

He hadn’t anticipated this. She had never fought dirty before, but he had apparently not failed in teaching her when it was necessary. He felt the blood seeping from his nose and saw lights speckled in front of his face. The assault came again and black took over the edges of his vision.

He couldn’t let go, but he would have to release her to readjust her to where she couldn’t resume her assault.

The assault came again and his grip slackened.

That was all she needed, he drove her now free elbow into his rib cage breaking two of them and causing Lucas to cough into her hair. His grip closed around her throat in a desperate attempt to bring back control. She threw her body into it and straddled him as his grip tightened. Small hits soon littered his body and face.

She was tiny, he could fit several of her fists in his one giant paw. This didn’t keep the hits from hurting though. He knew that there would be no lasting damage but he would be covered with welts tomorrow, but he couldn’t clear his head from her attack on his face and the pounding kept coming. But he kept his grip.

She realized that this new assault wouldn’t work as she intended. So she changed tactics and reached behind her to grasp his one sensitive part. He had come late to this examination and she was sure he had forgotten most of his protections. He didn’t have his tooth guard in, so she doubted he brought his cup.

Her guess was right and he screamed as her grip easily contested his hold on her throat. He knew that she could hold her breath for an uncontestable time, but felt like she should be passing out at this point. No one could keep up this level of movement with so little breath. She had a secret. And that pissed him off.

But his anger couldn’t last long as her grip tightened even more and he was forced to release.

She tucked one of his arms under her armpit and rolled him over. He must have broken a few ribs in the scuffle because the pain he felt through the side she pulled was more than he anticipated and he was ready to yield.

His hand tapped the floor slightly and the examination was over. She had never felt such pride.

She would get a beating today. This wasn’t supposed to be the exam she passed. Not yet. Dear God not yet.

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