New Blog Post Attempt #2837493

It was a year ago today. I was sitting at Kay Jewelers, looking at beautiful rings with an absolutely dreamy man, and thinking:

“Man I really fucking hate this job.”

It wasn’t just the job, it was the coworkers. The hours. The lack of boyfriend, car, home, hobbies, etc. More than anything I was tired of being a broke, failing millennial trying to find a way out. I was recovering from an eating disorder, renewing my subscription to anxiety daily, and playing heartbreak roulette with tinder fucks who had no sense of common decency.

So I did what any intelligent 21-year-old female with a bachelor’s degree in journalism would do and I quit my day job to become a writer.

My real writing career started with a job with a supplement company that shall not be named. They have been great for me, nice co-workers, at times there is actual work to do, and I can take days off without stressing too much. I has been the perfect job for a recovering psycho.

Once I balanced out the work part of my life there was room for a boyfriend and a gym membership. Unfortunately the boyfriend often impeded the gym membership and as our relationship failed so did my gainzz.

So, again, I did what any intelligent (now) 22-year-old female with a bachelor’s degree would do and I broke up with the guy.

And now I’m 22, working a job I’m learning to hate, single, living with my mother, driving the car of my dreams (#2006Mustang) and working on making something real of myself.

The Millennial Problem

I’ve learned that this “I’m a total failure” mindset isn’t uncommon or particularly special. Most people my age are dealing with feelings of inadequacy.

I have two hypothesis regarding this.

One: that this is caused by extreme pressure that we’ve all put ourselves under since we learned just how bad our parents and grandparents fucked up the world. We want to take over so we can attempt to implement our strategies for fixing the economy, issues of inequality, and whole global-warming-is-going-to-kill-us-all issue.

And the problem is that the rest of the world isn’t quite ready for us, so the workload they’re shifting our way is comprised of menial tasks that have little to do with our endgoals.

It’s not an issue of being willing to work hard, most of us have been doing it since we were kids. It’s not an issue of long hours or paying our dues. It’s an issue of dealing with the existential crisis that follows those small shifts we’re all making because nothing is big enough to give us enough power to do something.

Two: there are basic things that are required to have to be taken seriously as humans and no real guide on what those are or how to do it. If you’re lucky (like me) you had a parent that is like a walking encyclopedia on the adult life.

But there are a lot of us out there who never learned basic things like budgets and how to buy health insurance. (I don’t know the health insurance thing either, I happily thank ObamaCare for my full coverage under my parents).

Getting your shit together is hard, and it’s even harder without a comprehensive “How-To Guide”.

Which is why, for the zillionth time, I’m restarting this blog.

3 Reasons Why You Should Follow Me

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know you’re supposed to have a “call to action” in every blog post that outlines what you as a reader can do for me. I think that’s absolute shit, and this section most definitely does not have 3 reasons to follow me.

Here’s the thing, you can follow me or you can not. What I intend to do here is to build a comprehensive guide on how to handle the adult life while still being a fucking teenager. Because let’s be real, I haven’t grown up much, and probably won’t. And it’s not likely that you will either.

I mean just look at our parents for God’s sake. My stepdad still drinks fireball. Ick.

Every week (or more if I can) I intend to write about my challenges. Whether it’s for the big dream (like, moving to New York or being a journalist), or if it’s for something smaller like stopping my bank from adding more money to my car loan that I shouldn’t have to pay.

I’ve got my goals, and my experiences and I’m REALLY good at figuring shit out. (also, I have that mom who is the walking adult encyclopedia…)

So I hope to see you here next week. If not, then good luck. I’m sure there are a million more blogs just like this elsewhere.

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